Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the price is wrong

OK, at the request of Inner Voices, here is a new post to look at. See how much of a giver I am?
I don't normally cop out with the video post, but this is so funny, its worth the look.
Oh, and if you are at work or have to explain to some lookie loo why you are on a sexually explicit site, you may want to wait until you are alone. The video clip is safe ~ and funny, but the site itself, isn't maybe the best thing for your boss or say, your kids to see.
So click here... I call it "The Price is Wrong" (as if I filmed it myself and deserve full credit...or any credit...)

In other news, the bag below is definitely the coolest bag I have ever received a bundle of hand-me-down kids clothes in.

Rob has some days off and has the kids YEA! A day to myself to do stuff around here that I don't want to do even a little bit. Sweet action.