Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'll huff and I'll puff and kick your door in!

~I've kicked two doors open this month. How bad assed is that?

~I keep forgetting I have a meeting until my doorbell rings. Entirely too many people have seen me in my pajamas. I love pretending that I knew they were coming and that my plan was to just be in my pajamas.

~Gluten TIDBITS? Seriously? eweeee

~I watched American Gangster. It took me a couple days because I am the Queen of distractions. My favorite thing in the whole movie was seeing the VW Squareback that Russell Crow was driving. It was so cool to hear how it sounds too. Man I have to get back to my project car.

~Facebook has been a fun time killer. It's been neat checking out photos of people I'd lost contact with. I have also really enjoyed giving Carl the last word. Man he's needy.

~My new favorite expression