Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This cracked me UP!!!!
click here

And then there's THIS. It freaked me out.

This is a fun game...for about 26 seconds. Swat the flies

OK my blogging Peeps... I have quite a few posts to post, but I need to dowload pics that go with them and I just don't have the time quite yet. Believe me, they will be worth your wait! Just like the Smarties for the winners! I'm still waiting on a few addresses and then I will make a trip to the post office. Don't forget, if you were a runner up or even just honerable mention, you too get smarties! So email me your addresses...why should the whole class be punished for your tardiness? You have like 2 more days and I'm mailing them without yours!! chersrobs@hotmail.com