Sunday, January 08, 2006

fixed that link. go ahead and click it!

Ok, you all know Victor, one of my loyal readers. He had a post a bit ago that made me laugh really hard.
There was a pastor who visited some church and he called the next day to leave a message on the churches voicemail.

If the voice mail isn't funny enough, the music minister got a hold of it and mixed it into a dance mix.
Click HERE to check it out.

Then Victor decided to get in on the action and here is his son dancing to it! It's funny! Click Here.

So I have a solution to the camera problem, although it's a retarded one. My old camera uses the same memory cards, so I will just have to switch cards everytime I want to dowload my pictures. Until I figure out what the problem is, that is. Which will probably be never, so this is probably how I will do it from now on. Not that big of a deal really.