Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh my lovelies... wow, that word just creeped me out. Put a space between it and the truth kinda comes out doesn't it? I just wanted to put a little personal touch back into my blog and let you all know that I hear you, my sweet, sweet little bloggers. Oh how fondly I look back at all our little inside jokes that are only funny to us and think, Man, I'm really freakin' funny. And all, you're just so cute with your flowers and fanmail. Without you all, I, yes I, the me that exists here in both blogland and reality, wouldn't be possile.

Man I love talking like that. It's retarded. You should hear my voicemail message, never mind see my wallpaper. And by wallpaper, I do mean the kind you put on your wallz. Not on your computer screen. My wallpaper on my computer screen is obviously all me, all the time. That's right, I web cam myself all day. Haha, sorry. I'm just laughing at the thought.

Soooo annnyhoo. Enough about me. Well, for now. On with some crap I took pictures of.
So what do we have here?
That's right, possibly one of the ugliest families anywhere. There should be a show called "Ugly Families you are forced to look at because killing is politically incorrect".. I'd watch it. Actually, I'd probably produce it. I have no shame. The ugly mother was looking right at me.
Oh, it gets worse, trust me. This is their other ugly offspring.

Now this is their ugly offspring caught on tape picking her nose...and eating it.
So, I'm one of the clumsiest people ever, but breaking this mirror, I'm pretty sure, has more to do with bad karma rather than being a total clutz. I have a feeling the jig is up.
My first stroke of bad luck...

It actually took so to long to get into this roll that I more or less just drip dried.