Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh and by the way....ME! ME! ME!!!

The holidays are basically officially here. I'm sorry I haven't been around anyone's blogs lately, but I have been really REALLY busy. I haven't even done my picks for Phats yet and I'm sure he's getting paniky. haha... I'll do my best Phats, I really will. I miss you bud.
We put an offer in on a house this morning that I want really badly. It would work out so perfectly in our world it's stupid. So I am waiting to hear back on our offer...which is subject to the sale of our house...which isn't even on the market yet because this has all been a massive whirlwind (considering we had put the thought of selling on hold for the time being). Looks like we will have to get our house in order and fast because we need it to go on the market like Jan 1st!!! Yikes!! If you saw how much there is to do to get that done, you would be rolling your eyes at me and scratching your head as to why I do stuff like this to us. I haven't even had a real chance to get ready for Christmas. We always go over to Vancouver where our families are, and right now I just wish the holidays would go away unnoticed. Fat chance. At any rate, I am going to follow in my fake, bastard, virtual love childs, unsubstanciated fathers' footsteps and let you know that I can't see myself posting until after the holidays and really don't have time to check other blogs for a few weeks. I feel out of touch with everyone already, so I will have to work extra hard at regaining your love when I'm back I'm sure.
Tena, I haven't forgotten about your post. I guess it will be in the New Year after all though. I'm truly sorry!!
So, I thought I'd leave you all with something other than my busted up lip and disgusting cyst to look at over the holidays.
Here are some random things I wanted to share with you...
Hate to eat that bruised banana in your lunch? Here is the solution.
A great book. For the record, Yes, Canadians do say EH, I however am the exception to the rule as it has been pointed out to me that I say HEY, not eh. I blame my mother.
This book would have served me well in my past retail jobs.
This sounds like a lube to me, not detergent. Anyone agree?
Saw this cool chair in a neat store where I'm sure everything was bought "fairly". I sat in it. It was actually comfortable.
A cool, massive amount of some form of seaweed that was on my favorite beach last week.
I loved that you can put these lables on your beer bottle so it doesn't get confused with someone elses. Very clever. When I appreciate things like this, I always have to specify to Rob that those are cool....but don't buy them for me.
Have a safe and happy holidays everyone.
Don't forget how great I am!