Friday, June 08, 2007

i have a giant vagina

OK, so I don't want to mislead you.

I just thought it would be good to
bring this out into the open.

I have a giant vagina.

It's true.
It's huge.
I love my giant vagina and I'm pretty sure my giant vagina loves me...
I don't want to alarm you, but I decided to step up to the plate and share with you, my fans, a few photos of my giant vagina.

See? Did you doubt me?
Look at it.
It's massive.
I keep my giant vagina in my backyard.

OK, so check this out. I was sitting on my porch swing talking to a friend on the phone and I realise there is an enormous penis just hanging around (a little to the right) at the end of my road.
I had Rob go for a cruise down to the end of the road to grab the enormous penis and what do we notice? That's right... my dreams of turning this enormous penis into a water fountain is completely attainable. I don't even have to drill a hole. This enormous penis has a urethra!
How perfect. It was like this enormous penis was meant just for my giant vagina.

So I decided to play matchmaker because I'm just that way. I like to keep my giant vagina happy. I think it's really important. So here is a photo of me introducing the match made in heaven. Sorry I forgot to rotate it. Just tilt your head.

I really do love my giant vagina. Here I am just hanging around spreading my love and adoration.You know, making sure my giant vagina really feels it.

{If you use facebook, you can do a search for me, (cher sherwood) add me, and check out all kinds of fun I've been having on there. Just check out my photo albums 1-7 and don't forget to scroll down to read the explanation for the madness.}

OK, so, in other news, people are finding my car/driver distraction contest tricky. So I am officially modifying it. It's my contest and I can do what I want with it.

So, if you aren't quick on the draw like me(its a gift), and can't seem to get a photo of a person and a car that don't suit each other at all, then just do something creative with the topic. Feel free to photoshop, steal copyrighted photos off the net, go force someone to sit in someone else's car that they don't suit and take a photo... I dunno, I guess the whole thing is just funny to me. But I just don't find it tricky.

I saw this lady the other day. Beautiful truck. But just completely distracting that she's driving it. And in my opinion, if you put yourself out there in public like that, then I will look you straight in the eye, hold my head up high, take your picture (whether you like it or not)and then exploit you on my blog