Friday, June 29, 2007

2 things i don't understand, and 1 thing i do

OK. I'm scraping the bottom of some sort of container here for a new post. My harddrive is damaged and I am rediculously limited computer-wise.

ok. I can't believe someone gave this book away. I almost bought it, but then I remebered that I'm not completely insane yet and opted for a photo instead

now this I just found completely confusing. What if you want pees but no carrots? I guess you have to get your fish net out and get scooping.

I figured if Mr. Shife can bring up the past, so can I. There's nothing quite like some sweet Llama group action to kick the weekend off right!

Have a great one people!

Deadline for the contest to win an autographed photo of or random text messages from me is July 1st midnight. So remember, just make something up. Get creative. Submit something! Email me a photo of someone in a car that doesn't suit the vehicle. I am not above you lying to me and saying you took the photo yourself. I lie to you people all the time.