Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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And now for Big Mama's box!! I just about fell over when I saw all the stuff in it! It was FULL of all kinds of goodies!!

I absolutlely died laughing when I saw this! This may be one of the most thoughtful and creative things anyone has ever given me!!

Here's a better look at it. "Founding member of Window Lickers Anonymous" Shear brilliance!!

Of course she didn't forget the one in my here's a T-shirt for him too!! It says "Future member of Window Lickers Anonymous" All pre-shrunk and ready to go!!! Isn't that the best?

I ended up opening these up anyway, even though I swore to myself I wouldn't because by now I have already eaten a ton, but I just had to try them. And let me tell you.... They are delicious!!! I had to eventually back away from them.

How cool was this? I hand these out to homeless people, but here in Canada they are called Rockets... This could really confuse a few of the homeless people, but I think I will keep them for myself!

Lots of my favorite chocolate bars that you can't get in Canada!! Which rocked because I had just eaten the last one from Mel last week.

And then there were these Key Lime Cookies. (Which I am actually munching away on right now) They are just absolutely imposible to walk away from, let me tell you. When I got up to pee last night I had to go get one. Which ended up actually turning into 3.

Now last, but certainly NOT least...a T-shirt from Georgia!!! Like I said, i was completely blown away by my Valentine's Day boxes. Even though both Cupcake and Big Mama were upset that they took so long, I honestly don't thin they could have come on a better day!! Thank you sooo much you two!