Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At the request of my fake baby's daddy, TA DA!! A shiny new post...

ha. sea monkeys. I had those. Remember them? From the back of comics back in 'the day'? I was cleaning out their jar one day, and my dad pulled the plug out on the sink and I was absolutely devistated. He told me they would be happier in our septic than in a jar, and I believed him and grieved less than I would have. What an important role dad's play. Especially in the lives of their sad daughter mourning the loss of brine shrimp that she was convinced did indeed dance to music when she played it for them.

He also told me when he dies he wanted to be burried on a golf course with his head above ground so he could still watch golf. As a 7 year old, I pictured visiting my dad on a golf course, not really dead, but very much alive and talking to his head above ground. Wow. Haven't thought about that in YEARS.